Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Spacious Evolution

A spacious arrangement creates a spiritual interaction between an individual's soul and its work (Karma). A Spirit at peace with its surroundings find its way to the doors of salvation while walking on the path of an unconditional offering towards its God in the shape of its True Karma. In the ancient times, people had certain methodical work styles which were a part of their way of living.

The era of B.C. and A.D. have many a visible and readable examples of brilliant architecture, ruling strategies of management and methodologies of work which have laid a foundation for the present  work styles. We have only evolved ourselves in accordance with the changing needs but the foundation still rests with our History. 

Those were the days when life was mostly spent into the open fields, the soul was free to wander in the grasses and under the blue sky, where thoughts had no boundaries and could travel to the furthest seamless corners of the open vast fields till where the eye could see and the view was never blocked. This unperturbed interaction of the soul with its surroundings directed the individual's thought towards the accomplishment of its Karma, the outcome of which we see in many a discoveries, inventions, architecture, philosophies, literature and managerial concepts, about which we read in our history books. What we are living today is just an evolution from the ancient way of life. 

Our self written philosophy that says - "A soul into a relation of peace with its surrounding delivers the best and unconditional efforts through its Karma", made us believe that evolution and an open work practice could help in delivering a better way of life.

Life and Lifestyle is all about transformation and evolution. Life evolves for the rejection of practices that are no longer required and for the acceptance of a lifestyle that best favors the present way of living, that's the reason why evolution is always for betterment and portrays a positive element for existence. 

No wonder why the monkeys evolved into humans and the antelopes into Giraffes. The needs, the habits and the changing lifestyle lead this happen. We too have evolved a long way from the time while there were no techno gadgets like the cell phones, the laptops, social networking and the ease of connecting with the world through internet.

There were days when these were considered to be substances of luxury and class while today these all have become an integral part of our lifestyle, without which we cannot imagine a single day of our life. Evolution was and is always the most in-trend thing ever. Living and improving the present is the key to a happy life and evolution speaks the best for it. 

Offices and the work styles too have evolved over all these years. The methods, the practices, the job types and styles too have kept changing from generations to generations. While there was a time when the cluttered, closed and compact office set ups with bulky furniture were the only possible arrangements inside an office, time evolved and replaced the scenario with the modular workstations and office cabins. 

Growing competition urges the need of a distraction free and more focused connective interaction with oneself and the surroundings. This thought prompted us to evolve the work environment. It has been observed that the prime hours of the day are spent within an office and so it is important to give certain benefits of relaxation to the staff in terms of the environment they are surrounded with.

What we realized is that, a blend of an open and a closed office system best suits the professional health of an individual and the organisation, so we created a mix between a focused and relaxed environment that enhances the overall performance. 

A spacious arrangement signifies freedom from anxiety, strain and stress while relaxing and stimulating the grey cells for making quicker and better decisions. A closed system signifies privacy and the positioning of various designations of the staff within the office environment. These both must go hand in hand for establishing a healthy and focused professional ambiance. 

Taking a serious move for this concern we make a conceptual Idea Center,  where one works like they live there, which are directed towards:
  • Creating a Work environment with no boundaries
  • Acoustic privacy set up within the work area for a unperturbed environment.
  • Promoting Breakout zones for interpersonal  communications.
  • Endless work style, size, shape and design possibilities for focused and interactive sessions

Author: Samir Samuel David

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